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BNF Issue 84

St Bernard and the unwavering trust in Our Lady:

I was asked to comment on a prayer to Our Lady, composed by St Bernard.

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BNF Issue 83

How Saint Charles Borromeo Fought the deadly Virus in Milan:

The Corona virus is not the first epidemic to strike the world.

Yet as churches are closed and the sacraments are difficult to find, the question arises:
How did the Church and the saints deal with plagues in the past?

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BNF Issue 71

Newsletter Centenary Issue
Goal: 1 million people praying worldwide
by 13th October 2017;
– The power of prayer

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BNF Issue 70

Newsletter No. 70, 2016.
St. Louis Grignion de Montfort: 300th Anniversary:
Doctor, Prophet, and Apostle in the Contemporary Crisis

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BNF Issue 69

Newsletter No. 69, 2016.
Apparition of Mary – Mediatrix of all Grace.
Sister Lúcia: “The final battle between the Lord and the
reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family”

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BNF Issue 65

Stabat Mater Dolorosa
This is a commentary on parts of the famous Lenten hymn “Stabat Mater” by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira.

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BNF Issue 50

Issue 50, February 2012
Why did Our Lady of Fatima request
devotion to Her Immaculate Heart as the solution
for the immense crisis of the world today?

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BNF Issue 35

Our Lady of Gietrzwald and the power of prayer.
-Forgotten Truths: Faith in the Immaculate
Conception destroys materialism.

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Viewpoint Vol.27 No.3

Viewpoint Vol.27 No.3
-The Angelus: A meditation on Christmas.
-Coronavirus is a Call to Return to God.
-True Sanctity Lies in Strength of Soul.
-Can Rivers, Rice and Orangutans have ‘Personhood Rights’?

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Viewpoint Vol.27 No.2

Viewpoint Vol.27 No.2
-In the Aftermath of the Pandemic, Will Anything Change?
-Nicolas Hulot’s Post-Covid-19 Green Nightmare;
-Is It Immodest to Wear Deliberately Ripped Clothes?
-Disposal of green energy it’s not a green matter;

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Viewpoint Vol.27 No.1

“Politically Correct” Ecology: An Impious and Inhumane Ideology.
-The Poetry of the Non-existent but Conceivable Spires.
-Tolerance, a Dangerous Virtue.
-Suffering and the Little Way.

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Viewpoint Vol.26 No.2

The Amazon: Science v. Myth
-The Amazon Synod and the Vatican’s Radical Environmentalism
-A Lighthouse, a test on organicism and traces of God in Creation

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Viewpoint Vol.26 No.1

Reflections on the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ: The Agony in the Garden
-Young Mexican, Martyr of Communism, Authentic Model of a Catholic Hero
-The topsy-turvy world of transgenderism

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Viewpoint Vol.25 No.4

The greatness of Christmas Day
-Summer University 2018
-European crusade for the family held in Vienna
-Must Europe’s Students Submit to the Demands of Islam?

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Viewpoint Vol.25 No.3

Where does the disintegrating collusion of society lead us?
-Why Did Steve Jobs Limit His Children’s Exposure to Technology?
-The radical intolerance of the “tolerants”
-Forgotten Truths: Innocence and the sense of the marvellous

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Viewpoint Vol.25 No.2

Interview with Dr. Marisa Lobo: Gender Theory revolution: Ideological-political battle aims to destroy the family
-Catholic Martyrs in China
-State orders Yining Catholic Church in Xinjiang region to have its crosses, statues and bell towers pulled down
-Letter to Cardinal Zen: Support for Our Persecuted Catholic Brethren in China

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Viewpoint Vol.25 No.1

Five hundredth anniversary of Martin Luther: Luther, Absolutely Not!
-Luther Thought He Was Divine!
-Ambience, Customs, Civilization: Excellence and sweetness of life
-4,088,726 Fatima Centenary Rosaries
distributed in 13 months!

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Viewpoint Vol.24 No.2_3

An Interview with Antonio Augusto Borelli Machado
Why Was the Third Secret of Fatima Not Released in 1960?
-An Interview with Antonio Augusto Borelli Machado
-Campaign: Look deep into these eyes and let them look into yours!
-Fatima: Past or Future?:The Unheeded Message by Antonio Borelli

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Viewpoint Vol.24 No.1

Newsletter Vol. 24 No1, 2017.
Reflections for the Season of Lent: How can the World hate Him who went about doing Good?
10 Reasons Why Transgenderism Is the Family’s Worst Enemy;
Fidel Castro’s death and his “mourners”;
Forgotten Truths: The Value of Suffering

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Viewpoint Vol.23 No.4

Vol. 23 No. 4, 2016
-The magnificence of the Infant Jesus and of Our Lady;
-The Legend of the Christmas Spider;
-The Extraordinary Synods on the Family and Marriage: A Pastoral Revolution;
-Pokémon Go: the virus that leads to chaos;
-Mexico: a “Cristiada” against same-sex ‘marriage’;

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Viewpoint Vol.23 No.3

Vol. 23 No. 3, 2016
-The Meaningful Contribution of a Wholesome Nobility and Traditional Elite to the Solution of the Contemporary Crisis;
-The cult of numbers in the modern world;
-Father Jacques Hamel: A martyrdom that breaks your heart but opens your eyes!
-FORGOTTEN TRUTHS: Knowledge without charity is worthless;

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Viewpoint Vol.23 No.2

Vol. 23 No. 2, 2016
-Democracy and Bribery;
-CHRISTIAN REFLECTION: The marvels of creation in the universal movement of all things;
-Gender Theory Is Satan´s Breath;
-FORGOTTEN TRUTHS: It is a glory to be hated and suffer for the Faith;

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Viewpoint Vol.23 No.1

Vol. 23 No. 1, 2016
-The terrorist attacks in Paris and the Islamic expansion;
-What Is Really Happening in Cuba —The Island Prison?
-Pagan Manliness and False Christian Patience;
-CHRISTIAN REFLECTION: Twelfth Station, Jesus Dies on the Cross;
-FORGOTTEN TRUTHS: Divorce affects a Child’s sanity;

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Viewpoint Vol.22 No.4

Come, Infant Jesus.
-Polygamy, Divorce, and God’s Mercy.
Holy Water.
-What Is Really Happening in Cuba—The Island Prison?
-Citizens’ initiative with almost 100,000 signatures is challenging the same-sex marriage bill in Finnish parliament!

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Viewpoint Vol.22 No.3

Gender ideology: the latest product of the 1968 Revolution.
-The “Gender” Danger in Education.
-Shroud of Turin: Testimony of an unbelieving Scientist.
-CHRISTIAN REFLECTION: Remedy for Contemporary Moral Hardness.
-Monumental Demonstration in Support of the Traditional Family: A Beautiful Example of Rejection of Gender Ideology in Schools.

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Viewpoint Vol.22 No.2

The cult of numbers in the modern world – Final.
-Institution of the Family at Risk.
-What can You and I do to defend the Institution of the Family?
-Filial Appeal to His Holiness Pope Francis On the future of the family.
-FORGOTTEN TRUTHS: How to Revive the Notion of Good and Evil.
-Renaissance: Rebirth of what?
-25 Years of Lithuanian Independence.

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Viewpoint Vol.22 No.1

The cult of numbers in the modern world – Part 1.
-Cuba: A New Dawn?
-Everything is reflected in the eyes: Anger, fear, affection, or joy.
-Christian mortification: Vital principle of civilisation.
-CHRISTIAN REFLECTION: “Not my will, but that of
God be done”

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Viewpoint Vol.21 No.4

“The Good Heart”: A Romanticised Version of Charity
-FORGOTTEN TRUTHS: Harmonious Inequality.
-IDEAS, TENDENCIES, DEBATES: Imagine – A Restaurant With no Servers or Served.
-Immigrants: To Accept or Reject?
-2014 Summer Academy draws a record 180 participants.

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Viewpoint Vol.21 No.3

The Revolution in the Tendencies.
-An aspect of the Ukrainian crisis: Religious persecution.
-Is Communism Really Dead?
-TFPS IN ACTION: Federation Pro-Europa Christiana
in Brussels.
TFPs participate in Fourth March for Life in Rome.

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Viewpoint Vol.21 No.2

Holy Week: An Invitation to Love the Holy Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
-Massacre of the Holy Innocents, 21st Century Style.
-The Revolution in the Tendencies.
-CHRISTIAN REFLECTION: From God-like to Deformed to a Lack of Form.

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Viewpoint Vol.21 No.1

Confronted with the current anti-Catholic persecution, do we resist or fail to act?
-Harrison H. Schmitt and William Happer: In Defense of Carbon Dioxide.
-Artic Sea Ice expands.
-AMBIENCES, CUSTOMS, CIVILISATIONS: Angels or devils being served at the table.
-CHRISTIAN REFLECTION: By overcoming trials we acquire peace;
-Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: Conservative Intellectual of the 20th Century.

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Viewpoint Vol.20 No.5

The Story of the Christmas Tree.
-Confronted with the current anti-Catholic persecution, do we resist or fail to act?
Carried Out Their Trades.
-CHRISTIAN REFLECTION: The unimaginable perfection.
-FORGOTTEN TRUTHS: The inseparable public and private life.

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Viewpoint Vol.20 No.4

Are we witnessing the rebirth of a French Counter-Revolution?
Homosexuality – can a Catholic recognise “the rights of gay couples”?
-Those who hope to be eaten last.
-Christian Reflection: The usefulness of tribulation and how to acquire peace of soul.
-TFPs in Action: Same-sex ‘Marriage’ stopped in Estonia.

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Viewpoint Vol.20 No.3

Divorce and Romanticism.
-Forgotten Truths: A Good Education Combines Firmness with Goodness.
-The Return Flight with Gogo.
-Poverty and Pomp: Two harmonic extremes within the Church.

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Viewpoint Vol.20 No.2

Marriage Betrayed!
-Forgotten Truths.
-On the Airplane with Gogo.
-The Religion of Secularism.
-Christian Reflection: Our Lord: the Supreme and Perfect Archetype of all Professions.

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Viewpoint Vol.20 No.1

Where is Christian Europe today?
-The Rose, the Orchid, and the Tulip.
-Obama: Cracks and Polarisation.
-Trends, Ideas, Debates: To Stun is a Step towards Defeat.

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Viewpoint Vol.19 No.5

“I am Jesus… I have come to visit you” a true story of Christmas
-Today’s “energy deluge” foreseen decades earlier
-Science demonstrates the psychological harm done by the Internet Final Part
-The ‘God’ Particle
-Traditional Families

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Viewpoint Vol.19 No.4

Exposing the Eco-Myths at the Rio Summit
-Science demonstrates the psychological harm done by the Internet
-Dona Cesarina, an Enemy of TFP
-Christian Reflection: Reflections on the Our Father
-Forgotton truths: Homosexual Unions and ‘Marriage’ are contrary to God’s Plan

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Viewpoint Vol.19 No.2

-“May God protect the Hungarians”
-North Korea: The Kingdom of Infamy
-The Belle Époque: splendour and contradiction
-Christian Reflection: Understanding the Precious Blood of Our Lord

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Viewpoint Vol.19 No.1

– Christian West threatened by “Christianophobia”, and the need to react.
-Rejection of Europe’s Christian
roots and an opening to Islam – Final Part
-Christian Reflection – Meditation on the Our Father
-Innocence and the sense of the marvelous
-Trends, Ideas, Debates – Hats P.2
-The Spirit of the Family – The Lineage Family

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Viewpoint Vol.18 No.5

This day the Angels sing on earth; the Archangels rejoice. This day the just exult
-Trends, Ideas, Debates: Hats
-The European Union: An Imperial Cloak or a Straight Jacket? Part II
-Little Piccola
-Christmas Tale: Who is St. Nicholas?
-Spirit of the Family: The Lineage Family II

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Viewpoint Vol.18 No.4

The European Union: A Moloch with Feet of Clay
-Christian Reflection: Meditation on the Our Father (II)
-TFP Action: British TFP hosts Italian university-student seminar
-Egalitarianism: The Metaphysical Value and Religion of our days

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Viewpoint Vol.18 No.3

The Beauty of Life in Social Relationships.
-Trends, Ideas, Debates: Four Brothers.
-Ambience, Customs and Civilisation: The Cat.
-Christian Reflection: Meditation on the Our Father.
-From the Lion’s Den.
-The Spirit of the Family: The Lineage Family I.
-Inheritance and Inequality: An Unbiased Testimony

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Viewpoint Vol.18 No.2

In suffering, consider the Divine example of Our Lord in the Garden of Olives.
-Atheism’s latest onslaught: Nothing produced the whole Universe! Part II.
-The Fourth Revolution and Cybernetic Tribalism.

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Viewpoint Vol.18 No.1

Atheism’s latest onslaught: Nothing produced the whole Universe!
-The Fourth Revolution and Cybernetic Tribalism Part III.
-Ambience, Customs, and Civilisation: Are We Witnessing the Death of Modesty?
-The Spirit of the Family: The reform must begin with the reconstitution of the family V.

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Viewpoint Vol.17 No.5

A God So Small, Yet Infinite; Infinite, Yet So Small!
-The Fourth Revolution and Cybernetic Tribalism Part II.
-The Value of Private Property: Tomé de Povoa Teaches
-Council of Europe reaffirms conscience rights of medical professionals and institutions.
-The Spirit of the Family: The reform must begin with the reconstitution of the family IV.

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Viewpoint Vol.17 No.4

-The Fourth Revolution and Cybernetic Tribalism.
-Forgotten Truths: I Am the Way, the Truth and the Light.
-Ambience, Customs, and Civilisation: Two Ways of Looking at Country Life.
-Christian Reflection: The True Role of Guardian Angels.
-TFP Action: Campaigns;

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Viewpoint Vol.17 No.3

-The Green Cult (continued)
-The Noble Savage.
-Tendencies, Ideas, Facts: Well-Prepared Dishes, A Recipe for Charity.
-from the M@ILBAG…
-Family Campaign update: Society’s Soul.
-The Spirit of the Family: The origin of both the prosperity and decadence of a people IV.
-Medieval Guilds (cont.)

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Viewpoint Vol.17 No.2

-The Green Cult
-Tendencies, Ideas, Facts: The Afflictions of the Third Family.
-Ambience, Customs, and Civilisation: An era as seen through an art collection.
-Christian Reflection: The Triumph of Christ the King.

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Viewpoint Vol.17 No.1

-Global Warming: Scientific Fact or Ideological Agenda?
-A Short History of Blue Jeans: Be Different by Being Just Like Everyone Else
-Ambience, Customs, and Civilisation: Directly opposite the Castle of Fontainebleau….
-Christian Reflection: The Hummingbird
-The Spirit of the Family: The origin of both the prosperity and decadence of a people III
-Medieval Guilds

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Viewpoint Vol.16 No.4

ASEITY: conclusion.
-On the Streets to Promote Traditional Family Values.
-Ambiences, Customs, and Civilisations: Cocola enigma II.
-The Honduran Issue: David vs. Goliath.
-In Brief: Balsam for Dealing with Others.

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Viewpoint Vol.16 No.3

The new Incitatus
-Equality at the Starting Point: What an Injustice!
-Ambiences, Customs, and Civilisations: Coca-Cola—The flavour of an enigma.
-Follow-up: Euthanasia lobby.

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Viewpoint Vol.16 No.1

2008: Conservative Resistance Grows, and So Do Attempts to Neutralise It.
-Rebels desperately in need of a victory.
-TFPs commemorate the centennial of our founder’s birth.
-If someone were to suffer a sudden disturbance of
his eyes, his nerves, or his mind…

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China and the Vatican, two years later there is more persecution

“Compared to the Church in the south, our situation is rather tranquil. In past years we have had a relatively tranquil location; Sunday Masses, solemn Masses, and all activities of prayer proceeded in a more or less regular way. All this ended with the signing of the provisory Sino-Vatican agreement on September 22, 2018

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The Great Lessons of a Small Being

Someday, when historians study the huge crisis triggered by the coronavirus, they will ask many questions they may already have some elements to answer. Amid the crisis, with Italy still in quarantine, we cannot but ask questions. They are neither few nor trivial.

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The pandemic and the LGBT agenda

With the COVID-19 pandemic now retreating, a period of reflection begins. Can we learn anything from what happened? Among the lessons that this Chinese virus leaves us, there is one that will cause much discussion: Whatever the LGBT lobby says, men and women are not the same at all.

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The Coronavirus Is a Call to Return to God

Indeed, the management of the coronavirus crisis accepts no help from outside. God has no meaning or function inside all the efforts to eradicate it. In God’s stead, there are the immense powers of government mobilized to control every aspect of life to prevent its spread. The mighty arm of science scrambles to find a vaccine. The worlds of finance and technology are brought to bear to mitigate the disastrous effects of the crisis.

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COVID-19 is a call for the conversion of individuals and nations

If today we take a look at the institutionalised evil in our societies we are stunned by its vastness and depth. We discover that, in general, evil is committed by public authorities who imposed it as a lawful duty, forbidding the exact opposite: doing good. The sheer number of evil structures is astounding. Think about the numbers of surgical and chemical abortions that occur,

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Church Takes Fatima Statue to Quarantined Faithful

This year, due to the mandatory confinement decreed by the Government, the faithful were unable to keep this tradition to express their Marian devotion. For this reason, the Diocese of Cucuta decided to walk the streets carrying the statue of the Blessed Virgin on a caravan to visit her children.

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Open Letter to the Permanent Council of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil -Excellences: The Time Has Come to Turn the Page on Liberation Theology!

The first names of its signatories, which have become public, are representative of an episcopal current whose doctrine has clearly inspired the writing of the document. They are prelates of German descent, now retired, who in their youth were thrilled with the Marxist revolution promoted by the standard-bearers of Liberation Theology. After the collapse of the USSR, these prelates – and others of the same ideological current – recycled themselves into environmentalist and indigenous utopians.

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The World on course for a Demographic Catastrophe

By the end of the century, almost every country in the world will have fertility rates below the replacement level, 23 countries will see their population more than cut in half, and if societies do not reorganize, it will be a disaster. Finally, someone who is not labeled as pro-life (and thus discredited) has become aware of the demographic catastrophe that we are facing.

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The Sanger case proves that abortion is racism

Thus, while some are distancing themselves from Sanger and her ideas about race, this is no problem for the more than 800 abortion clinics spread throughout the United States. Eugenics, for them, is nothing more than a private belief of Margaret Sanger. Eugenics can be certainly condemned but has no affect on the “meritorious” birth control activities at Planned Parenthood.

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Why a Pro-Abortion Columnist Says the Movement Is in Tatters

A recent op-ed in the British daily, The Guardian, is an eye-opener. The author is Jessa Crispin, a U.S. correspondent for the paper and a former Planned Parenthood employee, who worked at a Texas chapter of the organization for around five years. She bitterly complains that “the pro-choice movement is in tatters” and “Planned Parenthood is part of the problem.”

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Third Fatima Apparition

Lucia writes, “Our Lady showed us a great sea of fire which seemed to be under the earth. Plunged in this fire were demons and souls in human form, like transparent burning embers, all blackened or burnished bronze, floating about in the conflagration, now raised into the air by the flames that issued from within themselves together with great clouds of smoke,

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First Fatima Apparition

“It was upon saying these last words, ‘the grace of God…’ that for the first time she opened her hands, which emitted a most intense light that penetrated our breasts, reaching the innermost part of our souls and making us see ourselves in God, Who was that light, more clearly than we can see ourselves in the best of mirrors.

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Let us recall Fatima

At Fatima in 1917, the Blessed Mother herself warned that if humanity did not change its ways and convert, the crisis that had already begun would worsen. In the second part of the secret revealed by the visionary Lucia, Mary announced chastisements that would affect temporal society, but which could be avoided if people converted, if atheism was opposed and the world was consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. Practically speaking, Mary warned that the moral crisis would provoke a material crisis.

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Tears, a Miraculous Warning

“The Tears of Our Lady Wet my Finger” by Fr. Elmo Romagosa. It was published on July 20 in the Clarion Herald, a New Orleans weekly, distributed in eleven Louisiana parishes or counties.

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The Silence of the Faithful

The other day, during Sunday Mass in a leading parish in Milan, the celebrant revealed a chilling fact: after the reopening, in the Ambrosian diocese, only 30% of the faithful returned to the churches. “Families and children have totally disappeared, he said.” The situation in the rest of Italy is not much better.

Without malice, I thought, “you abandoned them during the most critical period of the pandemic, and they now repay you in the same manner.”

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