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How the Family Crisis Makes Covid worse

Had the family kept its natural and traditional structure, the COVID-19 crisis’s impact would have been entirely different. The pandemic would have caused less harm in absolute terms. Infection and mortality rates would also have decreased.

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Vatican document blames coronavirus pandemic on man’s sins against environment

The Pontifical Academy for Life, under the leadership of the controversial Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, produced the document, and the Vatican press office introduced it on July 22 with a title as prolix as the statement itself: “Useful information on the Document of the Pontifical Academy for Life: Humana Communitas in the age of pandemic: untimely meditations on life’s rebirth.” That title is misleading; the document provides very little hard information. But I will grant this much: it is “untimely.” There is never a good time for this sort of vapid rumination.

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Open Letter to the Permanent Council of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil -Excellences: The Time Has Come to Turn the Page on Liberation Theology!

The first names of its signatories, which have become public, are representative of an episcopal current whose doctrine has clearly inspired the writing of the document. They are prelates of German descent, now retired, who in their youth were thrilled with the Marxist revolution promoted by the standard-bearers of Liberation Theology. After the collapse of the USSR, these prelates – and others of the same ideological current – recycled themselves into environmentalist and indigenous utopians.

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The Silence of the Faithful

The other day, during Sunday Mass in a leading parish in Milan, the celebrant revealed a chilling fact: after the reopening, in the Ambrosian diocese, only 30% of the faithful returned to the churches. “Families and children have totally disappeared, he said.” The situation in the rest of Italy is not much better.

Without malice, I thought, “you abandoned them during the most critical period of the pandemic, and they now repay you in the same manner.”

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St Lawrence the Martyr - audio file

Audio recording on the life of St Lawrence.
St Lawrence was martyred (258A.D.) in pagan Rome, after  enduring unbelievable suffering rather than deny Our Lord or the truths of His Church. A story of true heroism in the face of the Emperor hell bent on the destruction of the Church!

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Issue: 83 

Corona virus is not the first epidemic to strike the world.

Yet as churches are closed and the sacraments are difficult to find, the question arises:

How did the Church and the saints deal with plagues in the past?

A long time ago I resolved never to leave undone anything which might be for my people’s good….

To prepare himself for what lay ahead, St. Charles offered himself as an expiatory victim for the sins of his people….

Although the death rate and contagion rate were extremely high, St. Charles insisted on public prayer and penance….

At the end of the plague 17 000 people had died in Milan out of a total population of 120 000. In the smaller city, Venice, 40 000 people died. Why had Milan been spared from a greater loss?


Latest: Vol 27 No2 

  • family values emerge.
  • on spiritual life – when shepherds abandon.
  • attitudes change towards the dictatorship.
  • China’s responsibility.

A recent document by the Plinio Correa de Oliveira Institute, says radical ecologists are positioning themselves to become the main benefactors of the social crisis that will result from the forced population confinement…

Discussing the dignity of the individual.

Everyone wants to avoid creating environmental problems. But good intentions are not enough if science kowtows to environmental ideology…

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