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In Their Fight Against Coronavirus, Doctors Entrust Themselves to the Virgin of Fatima
Walter Sánchez Silva

Hundreds of doctors, nurses, and health personnel in the north of Lima (Peru) entrusted themselves to the Virgin of Fatima on May 13, asking for her help and intercession in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Juan Ortiz Fernandez, deputy director of the Lima North area of the Ministry of Health, broke the news to ACI Press. Dr. Ortiz is in charge of nine districts in this part of the Peruvian capital, with a population of about three million people.

“To serve this population, we have three hospitals, 108 health centers, and approximately ten thousand workers, including professionals, technicians, and auxiliaries. Today, May 13, we decided to celebrate the feast of the Virgin of Fatima as an act of gratitude and tribute to God,” he explained.

“We have gathered to pray together and have had the presence of Fr. Raul Vera, who has blessed this statue and all the health personnel who go out to do work at people’s homes,” he added.

Approximately 250 health professionals participated in the celebration, including doctors, nurses, technicians, and drivers who go out daily to homes of the area to diagnose and treat coronavirus patients.

“Every day, we see much fear and anguish in the population and health professionals because of the risk of contagion. The work is arduous and risky, so we have resort to divine help. God is the one who strengthens our hearts and, through us, comforts the families affected by this pandemic,” he said.

Because of all this, the doctor emphasized, “we have entrusted ourselves to the Virgin of Fatima and are sure that with her help and intercession, we will do a good job to serve the sick and needy.”

Ortiz, a surgeon for more than 25 years, also encouraged people “not to be afraid, because we are in the hands of God. He is not going to allow anything to happen to us that is not in His plan. We have to abandon ourselves into His hands. ”

The deputy director of the North Lima area of the Ministry of Health also told ACI Prensa that Fr. Vera blessed 200 rosaries, which were given out to those present.

Cases of coronavirus in Peru already number over 76,000, with 2,169 deaths. Lima, the capital, remains the most affected department with 49,605 cases and 791 deaths.

Source: ACI Prensa


Translated by the staff of Fatima Today.

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