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Britain needs Fatima

Have we heeded our Lady's message at Fatima?

This 25 minute DVD Video and 32-page Booklet tells the Fatima story in a new and refreshing way. As you watch the historical archive photos and movie footage, and listen to the narration and background music:

  • You will learn the essentials of Our Lady’s message to the three children;
  • You will see how the titanic upheavals and wars that plagued the 20th century were foretold by Our Lady;
  • You will understand how the recently revealed 3rd part of the secret fits into the whole picture;
  • And you will be filled with hope at Our Lady’s promise of the final triumph of Her Immaculate Heart!
  • A great educational and religious tool for the family, prayer groups or schools.
  • Its attractive packaging makes it an excellent gift!

Order your DVD "Fatima: Past or Future?" and 32-page Booklet today!

This DVD along with a 32-page Booklet has :

  • The whole Fatima Story including the 3rd part of the secret
  • Historical archive photos
  • Documentary movie footage
  • Voice narration and music
  • Full-colour illustrations
  • 25 min. running time

Only £6.50 each
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