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How the Family Crisis Makes the COVID Pandemic Worse

April 26, 2020 | The American TFP



The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is a civic organization of Catholic inspiration that seeks to defend in a legal and peaceful way, the basic values of Christian Civilization, namely tradition, family and property. The American TFP bases its action on the principles outlined in the book Revolution and Counter-Revolution by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. Its activities include lectures, youth and adult seminars, newspaper ad campaigns, books and publications, as well as national coordinated protests. In addition, the TFP brings issues directly to the public with its colorful street campaigns.


TFP stands for tradition, family, and property. These three values are interrelated.

Tradition is the necessary fruit of the family to such an extent that wherever families flourish, so also does tradition, culture and civilization. The family generates tradition and social hierarchy. Property guarantees the stability of the family. Without it, the individual and family would be at the mercy of the state. Together these three values form a protective wall against all Marxist, socialist and communist thought.

The destruction of tradition, family, and private property has been sought by all the totalitarian movements of the modern age, especially socialism, national socialism (nazism), fascism, and communism. These movements are natural enemies of Christian civilization.


Tradition comes from the Latin “tradere,” which means to transmit. We call tradition, that legacy that one generation leaves to another. The whole of these accomplishments can be carried forward in the spiritual, religious, moral, cultural, material or other fields. In this sense, tradition is synonymous with progress.


By family we mean that institution based on monogamous and indissoluble marriage. The family is the basic cell of the social body and in entire accordance with the natural order of things. In it, one finds the stability of society and an ideal climate for the formation of children. Moreover, the family was elevated yet higher by Our Lord Jesus Christ who instituted the sacrament of Matrimony.


By private property, we mean that which links an object to a person. The property owner has the right to use, enjoy, and dispose of an object according to his discretion and to the exclusion of others. In addition, the owner may repossess that which was unjustly appropriated.


We use the large red standard with a golden rampant lion. It symbolizes our ideological fight for the principles of tradition, family and property. The lion is a symbol of the cardinal virtue of fortitude. The gold symbolizes the nobility of our cause, and the cross on the lion’s chest is the sign of Christendom. The red background of the standard stands for dedication.

The red cape worn by TFP members during street campaigns distinguishes them from the crowd and projects these historic principles out to the public.

The TFP has nearly 75 full-time members or volunteers. It also has a large supporter network. The TFP and its affiliate America Needs Fatima campaign lists some 120,000 supporting members who contribute to its efforts.

The TFP accepts those who adhere to the principles it professes (see What We Think), lead a personal life in consonance with those principles and doctrines and are willing to dedicate their available time to the spreading of these principles.


The TFP is financed by a network of generous donors nationwide that give large, medium and small contributions. Many of these donate on a monthly basis while others give periodically. Contributions are tax deductible. The TFP does not receive government grants or support.


Yes, a gift of any size will help us reach out to more people. Please consider supporting The American TFP with an online gift. Or mail your gift to:

The American TFP
PO Box 341
Hanover, PA 17331 grants anyone the right to use its content with proper credit and including a link to the original source page. Public domain content on this site is free to be used. Where publishes content belonging to non-TFP parties, please contact them directly for use permissions.


The America Needs Fatima Campaign is an effort of the American TFP to spread the Fatima message nationwide. We feel that Our Lady’s message is extremely timely for our days and provides solutions to many of the problems we now face. The campaign features promotion of the rosary and a home visitation program with a Pilgrim Virgin Statue.


No. Marxist and socialist doctrines and ideas abound all over the West. Many of the former communist countries in Eastern Europe are governed by ex-communists who have not renounced their orientation. In addition, a sizable part of the world’s population still suffers under oppressive communist regimes including those in Communist China, Cuba, North Korea and Vietnam.